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10:00AM & 11:00AM





Visitors are urged to attend each opportunity listed below!
Consider yourself invited!


Sundays should be devoted to the Lord. We do just that at Salem Baptist Church. At 9:30 we gather for a brief time of fellowship over coffee, juice, and snacks with our brothers and sisters and visitors. At 10:00, we have small group Bible studies, otherwise known as Sunday School, for all ages. You will be able to find a group that you can connect with. At 11:00, we begin our worship service with a traditional and joyful time of singing praises unto the Lord. The children enjoy a short special time down front during the children's sermon. The morning message aims at helping attendees to know the Lord and themselves better than when they arrived. 


Making disciples is commanded by our Lord.  In an effort to obey, we usually begin our Sunday evening services at 5:00 pm, with a 50-minute discipleship session. We engage a particular discipleship book or discipleship video for an undetermined length of weeks.  We read or watch and discuss the material as a group.  We recently completed C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters”, “Road Trip to Truth” by Wretched Radio, and “The Man in the Mirror” by Patrick Morley. Most recently we watched and discussed a video teaching series “The Attributes of God” by Steve Lawson. Bible Drill takes place at 5:00pm for our children.


Sunday evening services at 6:00 are important! Just one service per week is not enough for you to adequately get to know God, nor is it enough to equip you for the Christian life. Currently, we are spending one to five minutes in corporate prayer, followed by about five minutes interacting with the children in our service. The rest of the available time is invested in a video series facilitated by Gerald Brewer. Visitors are welcome!


Pressing on to know the Lord is our goal. Our midweek service like all our services is designed to keep all generations together. We gather shortly before 6:00 pm with informal fellowship. At 6:00 pm, we serve a kid-friendly meal, but all ages partake.  There is no cost for the meal; it is provided by Salem Baptist Church.  When everyone has been served (about 6:10), Clayton McMahen engages the group with an interactive Powerpoint slide show. The lesson is taught while the participants eat. There is much laughter and learning. All generations enthusiastically participate. Those with more reserved personalities simply enjoy the spectacle of learning through observation.  Shortly after 6:30, the generations engage in fellowship (conversation and/or play).  We invite you to come and enjoy!

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